Wednesday, October 13, 2010

When I Think Of Amanda

My Modern Met

Red coat,

Black boots.
That is what I remember
When I think of Amanda.

It was one of
Those spontaneous days
When we would hop in the car
And drive to nowhere in particular.
We would drive.

It was only
When something caught our attention
That we would stop.
Sometimes, a food place
We wanted to try.
Sometimes, an amusement park.
Sometimes, a friends home.

This time it was the seaside.
We got out of the car
And walked along the shore
Playing truth or dare.

I dared her
To jump up and down,
I chose to tell her the truth
That I loved her.
This made her jump
Without being dared to do so.

That day,
Changed the dynamic of our relationship.
That day,
We learned that we loved each other.
Red coat,
Black boots
Is what I remember
When I think of Amanda.

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