Wednesday, October 6, 2010

In This Place

My Modern Met

The world can be
So overwhelming.
Life can be
So overwhelming,
Leaving me
With the desire
To curl up
In my bed
And shut out everything,
Every emotion.

Just when I am
At that breaking point,
I grab my keys,
Toss my cell
And jump into my ride.

Within half an hour,
I am standing
On rocky ground
Looking out
At a watery horizon.
I return to the the one place
That saves me,
Brings me back
From the edge.

The Trade Winds
Fills my lungs
Recharging every atom
In my being.

The wails of the dead rise
From their watery graves
Reminding me that
I should be grateful
That I am alive.

In this place,
All my senses
Are engaged.
I see and hear the waves crashing,
I smell and taste the salty spray
And I feel the wind
As it rushes by.

In this place,
I am renewed
And can now take on
The world.

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