Friday, September 10, 2010

No Promises

As I lay
In the crook of his arm,
I traced the outline of his lips.
The same full lips
That left my lips swollen
And loved.

I whispered in his ears
A truth that was mine.
the truth that I would
Leave him wanting more
And yet leave him confused.

There would be times
I would be in his grasp
And others when he questions
If I really existed.

I whispered,
As our bodies entwined,
Hard and soft united
As one.

This moment here,
I whisper, should be savoured.
Each sensory stimuli recorded,
Each emotion noted
Because I can't promise him
It will happen again.

In this embrace,
He falls asleep,
His breathing growing slower
And slower,
His face relaxed.

I watch him in this state
Memorizing every line and curve
Of his face.
A mental photograph.

In the morning,
I'm gone,
Leaving behind warmth
Fading next to him,
My taste on his lips,
My scent in his sheets
And the memory
Of our night together.

He will find a note
Next to the coffee
I left to brew.

"No Promise."

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