Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Policy

The wind enveloped me,
Pitching the skirt
Of my dress around me,
Giving life to the fabric.

I didn’t feel it,
My whole body,
Not just my eyes
Was trained at the
Nozzle of the gun.

My gun,
Being held by
My husband,
The man I vowed
To have and hold
Until death do us part.

A new feeling
Swept through me.
A feeling as alien
To me as the desire
To touch an earthworm.

Held me still
And yet, it set my heart

“What is going on?”
One of the questions
Crisscrossing in my mind
Like the Nokia snake.

“Who was this man?”
His eyes cruel,
Dead, evil.

There was a movement
To the left,
But I kept my eyes
On the gun.

He looked,
A smile,
A nasty smile
Pulled at the corner
Of his lips.

It was now
Or never.

I rushed him,
Pushing the gun up,
While slamming the heel
Of my hand
Up his nose.

He roared,
Dropping the gun
And I dropped,
Dodging his frantic hands
And catching the gun.

I removed the safety
And held the business end
To his temple.
It was his turn
To feel terror.

He licked his lips,
His eyes begging,
His mind reeling,
His heart speeding.

It’s a funny thing
When a man
Takes out a million dollar
Life Insurance Policy
On his wife.

I can forgive him
All the women he slept with,
Like the bitch
Cowering in the corner.

I can forgive him
Putting us deep into debt,
Spending money on toys
And whores.

I can forgive him
For being an impotent,
No good, piece of ……..

But I can never forgive him
For planning to kill me.
He saw that this one act
Was unforgivable.

Terror twisted his face
Stealing all the confidence
He possessed five minutes ago.

The terror
Became my loving husbands
Death mask.

It was self defense,
His prints were on the bullets
He loaded in my gun.
The bitch could not dispute it,
My attorney made sure of that.

The jury heard about
The debt he put us in,
The women,
The life insurance policy.

I was the victim
That survived.

I was found
Not guilty
On the grounds
Of self defense.

After the trial,
I disappeared
From public view.
I let the months slip by
As I reclaimed my life.

Three months later
I filed my husband’s
Life insurance policy.
Two million dollars!
I deserved all of it!

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