Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Journey

Howled into
The night.

As the sandman
Wrapped his arms
Around her,
Resting her head
On his lap,
Shame kissed her cheeks.

She didn't plan
To touch the button,
To stroke it
To press it
Till all engines
Were on full blast.

A journey
To the edge of the universe,

A journey
Pasts stars
That blinded.
Experiencing explosions
That left her numb
And shivering
As she floated
Down to Earth.

And yet,
She wanted to take
This journey.
She needed to take
This journey.
Nami's journey
To the edge of the universe.
To O.

1 comment:

bajanpoet said...

She didn't plan on touching the button .. this is exquisite...