Saturday, May 29, 2010

I Don't Plan

"I don't plan
To fall in love,"
Nicholas said,
As sweat
Slicked down his chest,
Forming a puddle
In his belly button.

I didn't plan
To fall in love either.
He wasn't my type,
He was arrogant,

The only reason
I was here,
Straddling him
Like a prized pony,
Was because
He knew how to
Make love.

He knew
Every inch of my body
He knew
How to give me
He knew how
To reach into
My inner core
And initiate
The meltdown procedure.

And yet,
I never gave
Him my O,
Instead I gave him
A pleasure
That had him calling
Late at night,
Early in the morning.

We don't love
Each other.
We won't call
Each other
When a parent dies
For a shoulder
To lean on.

We lust
Each other.
And as we dress,
I promise myself
That I would not
See Nicholas again.

As we kiss,
That electric kiss,
I know this will be
The last time
I see Nicholas.

Lust is fun,
But love is forever.

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