Monday, May 17, 2010

He Don't Like You

He don’t like you.
Rufus said this
Like he was telling me
The time of day.

It’s not like
I care if he liked
Me or not,
It was the reason
For the dislike
That concerned me.

It’s not like
I called him stinky head
To his face
Or otherwise.

Nor did I laugh
When he wet his pants
After he rode the Ferris wheel
When the fair was in town.

In fact,
I kind of liked him
In that platonic way
Girls liked boys.
Was there any other way
To like boys?

So here I sit
In Ms. Smith’s class
Next to Rufus,
My best friend,
Trying to figure out
Why Pete Andrew dislikes me.
More drama in
The Life of
A seven year old.

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