Sunday, March 28, 2010

Nary A Drop Fell


Nary a drop fell.
The sky was heavy
With gray clouds,
Not a touch of
Blue to be seen.
Yet nary a drop fell.

Said clouds
Sat upon the highest hills
As no mountains
Could be found on this land
And yet,
Nary a drop fell.

The breeze cool
Chilling the skin,
Once hot from
The unrelenting sun.
A promise of rain
And yet,
Nary a drop fell.

The earth,
Cracked and dry
Looked up,
As it was not prone
To look down.
Just a drop or two
Was all it needed
To quench it's jagged thirst.
And yet,
Nary a drop fell.

When the rains are upon us,
We beg for them to cease.
When the earth cries out for water,
We beg for rain.
But all wishes
Are granted in their own time,
And a drop shall fall.

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