Saturday, March 27, 2010

Nikki and Sam

A bead of sweat
Slipped down her neck,
Joining the rest
As the soaked
The front of her tank top
Like an oil spill
In a little cove.

Her nipples stood
Like little soldiers
In the cool morning air
And Nicholas was obviously aware.
She should have worn her sports bra,
But then again
Maybe that was her plan.

Was her running buddy.
Nikki, to her husband.
"Going running with Nikki,
Be back in time for breakfast,"
She would say
To a half asleep hubby
As she slipped out of bed.

Was new in the neighbourhood
And she would pass him
As she ran every morning.
Then one day he introduced himself
And asked if she would be his running buddy.
So she became Sam,
It would be hard
To tell his wife
That he was running with Samantha.

There was an obvious attraction
Between Nikki and Sam,
But they never crossed the line,
They couldn't destroy
What they had with their spouses,
They treasured the trust so much
That they never even mentioned
The attraction.

They pushed themselves physically.
When the lust grew strong,
They would race home,
Trying to beat the other.
Whoever won was the winner
For the day,
But the real winners
For that day
Were the spouses.

Nicholas and Samantha
Would race home
And make passionate love
To their spouses.
The spouses in turn
Enjoyed it.
They thought it was
The excess energy from the run,
Never suspecting that it was guilt.

So every morning,
Nikki and Sam went running
And every morning,
Nicholas and Samantha
Made love to their spouses
And everyone won.

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