Monday, March 29, 2010

The Best and Worst

As we whirl through our galaxy
With just one thought.
Thinking of ourselves,
Of what our world consist.

Sitting on a step
Of a project in Brooklyn
Is a young woman.
Her stomach is full with child.
Boyfriend left her,
And now her life is not fully hers.
She has to get a job,
But if she gets a job
Who will take care of the baby.
Questions flowing through her young mind.

In an office
In Manhattan,
A woman speaks to her broker,
She has a book deal,
She has a lot of stocks,
And does not have a care in the world.

What would happen
If we exchanged their lives?
Would the young woman
Lose all of what the woman gained?
Would the woman work hard
And get out of the young womans's situation?
We would never know.

In this world of ours,
Possibilities are numerous,
But still we make
The best and worst of it all.

This was written when my handwriting was shyte.

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