Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Guess That's What

It happened a night with no moon,
You know that kind of night.
A young woman,
I think a college student,
Was walking home
From the library.
Her step was slow,
Her eyes tired.

Then it happened,
A man,
Not very big,
But strong,
Grabbed her
And took her into an alley,
Where it happened.

In that alley she was left,
Tears rolling down her cheeks,
Her eyes wer alert now.
She pulled herself together
And ran home.
A shower washed off some of her shame,
But what now, she thought.

She called her parents
And told them.
They wanted her home,
But no she would not leave.
She told her friends,
Then the police.

The man was caught,
Sent to prison.
She looked in his eyes,
And showed no pity.
Neither did the court,
She went home that day
And cuddled up in the couch
And thought,
"I guess that's what."

This was one of my earlier poems, a high school poem you could say.

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