Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Piss Drunk


It's 2am,
Or is it 4am.

Can't really tell,
I lost my watch
On the dance floor.

Anna is piss drunk,
Daring me to join
Her in the fun
Of being a fountain.

I only live once,
And my youth
Is flying by
Without my permission.

We sit on the sidewalk,
Feet in the gutter,
As alcoholic arcs
Spew from out mouths.

Yes, it's unbecoming
Of beautiful,
Young women like us.

Yes, we should
Know better
Than acting a damn fool
In the middle
Of downtown wherever.

And yet,
It doesn't matter.
I'm not alone in
My so-called madness.
And when the sun
Sets fire to the horizon
And the alcohol
Is pissed away,
I can blame it all
On the alcohol.

So right here,
Right now,
I'll be a fountain
Spewing alcohol.
I am piss drunk.

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