Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dark Warrior Book Limited Edition

I am very crafty indeed. After I first read the first poem in the Dark Warrior series, a friend had asked me for a signed copy of the poem. Well, I have a tendency of procrastinating and before I knew it the series had three poems completed. So I decided to create a handmade book containing the three poems as a "I'm so sorry that it's this late". Let's just say he appreciated.

Then I converted my eBook Martine into a free download and seeing another friend had bought a copy, I decided to gift him a limited edition Dark Warrior handmade book. What makes this one different from the other one? This one has the yet unpublished 4th installment which I've only recited at two open mics. Both books have a special message for the friend. This particular book was for Passion Poet.

I'm not sure if I will be creating anymore but it was fun making it. I will make updates on my crafty side in the future.

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Robert Gibson said...

I have received my Dark Warrior book ... Oh my word I am impressed. I feel so honoured to have this - not just because I love the poem but the fact that it is handmade .... it will be treasured as if it was an antique heirloom ... because, to me, it is already priceless....

Thank you so much!