Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Mongoose and Ms. Daisy

One night,
When I should be
In my warm bed,
Dreaming of sheep
Jumping over fences,
I sat at my window,
Listening to a discourse.

Said discourse was
Between the sly mongoose
Who lived in the empty lot
Beside my house and
My yard fowl, Ms. Daisy,
Or so the mongoose called her.

"Now, see here, Ms. Daisy.
I've been checking you out,
Me love you long time,"
Said the mongoose,
Laying down his raps.

"For true? eh eh,
What you love 'bout me?"
The brown chicken asked,
Warming to her visitor.

"Well, see,
Me love the fullness
Of your body, I can
Tell you grown, not
Like dem spring chicken
Clucking around the place."

"Mmmm, go on, nuh,
Tell me more,"
My yard fowl decided
At that moment to take
A seat.

"Your eyes, you eyes
Bewitch me, dem mek
Me want to know what
Going on behind them,"
The mongoose saddled up
Next to the hen.

"Is that so?"
Daisy blinked as though
She had something in her eyes.

"It's true, how about
You come back to my place
And I'll tell you more
Like....." he leaned in
And whispered into Daisy's ear.

Daisy giggled or was
It clucked hysterically,
Whatever it was,
It caught the attention
Of her daddy, Mas Rooster.

With a stealth
That would make one
Wonder if he was
Part mongoose, Mas Rooster
Crept up behind of
The two courting creatures.

Just as Daisy was
About to give into the mongoose,
Mas Rooster called out
"A wha go on here?!?"

Both Daisy and mongoose
Jumped. Mongoose turned
To find a large Rooster
Towering over him

"Nothing, boss, nothing.
I was just going,"
Mongoose said at last.
"I be seeing you, Daisy,"
He then slithered through
A hole in the fence.

"Not if I can help it,"
Harumphed the old rooster.
What followed did not
Hold my interest so
I went to my bed.

The next day,
I found Daisy brooding
At one side of the yard
And on the other side,
Sitting next to a hole
In the fence.

I never heard the mongoose
Speak to Daisy again.
Last I heard, he moved
To the other side of
The village. Then one day,
Daisy disappeared and
Mas Rooster was there
Brooding on the other side
Of the yard.

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Buddah Moskowitz said...

This was brilliant. Inspired! Thank you - I'm counting this as one of my Christmas presents! Loved it! XO Mosk