Friday, August 10, 2012


I could not stop thinking about
Him. My thoughts spun
And twirled like a prima

And just as they pulled
Off that grand, incredibly
Hard move that demands
A standing ovation,
I remembered why
I'm not supposed
To be thinking about

Him, oh so delicious him,
Him with electric kisses
And the magic key to
The depths of my mind.

You see, he saw me,
I let him see me.
No masks, no charades,
No little girl in grown up
Clothes, just me and
If it was anyone else,
I would be scared.

I am scared,
Not for the same reasons,
But I'm still scared
So I push him away,
I push them all away.

I push him away
But I still can't
Stop thinking about


Anonymous said...

Nice very real.

Buddah Moskowitz said...

Tortured. Pained. Vulnerable.
Loved it.

Supportive hug,

Fayola said...

I know what u mean. I've been there... him #sigh

Anonymous said...

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