Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Woman And Child

As I walked 
Through the place
Where life and death resided
And sickness was 
A house guest who
Now claimed residence,
I came across a woman.

A woman tucked away
In a corner, set aside
From prying eyes.
In her arms,
Lay a baby suckling
Upon her ripened tit.

In the moment or two
That it took for me
To register what I beheld,
I could not help contemplating
Who this woman and her child were
And who they shall become.

I wondered if she was
On the cusps of womanhood
And already was with child
Or if she was beyond ripe
And still was able 
To bring forth life.

I wondered if the child
Was her first,
Her second or
Her sixth
And if at home 
Waited siblings looking
Forward to their new
Brother or sister.

I wondered if the birth 
Of the child was planned,
Their existence craved
By both father and mother,
The embodiment of their love,
Another element that
Bound the parents together.

I wondered if the birth
Was an accident,
A broken condom,
A miscalculation on his part.
His dipping his pen
In the inkwell
And signing a contract
He would soon break,
But she unable to do 
The same. Eighteen plus
Years living with a mistake.

Despite what brought
This child into being,
I hoped they would
Take the gift
That is life and
Bring change to the world.

I hoped they would
Make advances in
Health, science, technology,
Or create a new business model
Or inspire others to 
Move beyond their limits
And live the lives
They should be living.

And even though
They may never live up
To my loft aspirations
For them, I hope
They would love and respect
Their parents, their loved one
And most of all

I looked away
From the woman and child
And continued on my way
Through the place
Where both life and death resided.

My time had come
And I was to return
To where I had come,
But I was comforted
In the knowledge that
Another will take my place,
Another will take up the challenge
Of changing the world.

1 comment:

Robert Gibson said...

Such a wonderful poem ... love the descriptions:

" the place
Where life and death resided
And sickness was
A house guest who
Now claimed residence"

This is a beautifully touching poem, Kim :)