Monday, April 23, 2012

Loving The Night

I fell in love
With the night.

The way the world
Was still and
Nothing got in my way.

I loved the quietness
Of the moon, now
Finding the sun
Too bright,
Too busy
For the senses.

The night to me
Was as taboo place,
A hidden secret
That now quickened
My pulse as
I contemplated
Sitting under
A star filled night.

As the soft night sounds
Put many to sleep,
I stretched out
The kinks in my body
As I listened to
My new soundtrack.

I set to the task
Of living,
Of loving,
Of existing
And in doing so
Peace blossomed in my heart,
Then it filled every cell
Of my body until
I shone like the moon.

This was not to last,
Society pulled me back
Kicking and screaming,
Telling me there was no place
For another night walker,
This was a world of
Day walkers and that
Is what I was to be.

Still I yearned for the night,
Still I wanted to drape
It's coolness around my body
And convert back
Into a night walker.

Alas, this is not to be
So I comforted myself
In the occasional
Nocturnal escape
Where I lived,
I loved,
I existed
Beneath the night sky.

1 comment:

Buddah Moskowitz said...

Thankfully, every night there is a night. This was a wonderful, glorious affirmation of the self.