Wednesday, November 2, 2011

This Is Not A Good Time

Ladies and gentlemen,
This moment in time
Is not great,
In fact,
It is awful.

Between wars and famine,
Revolutions and riots,
All taking place
In front of the backdrop
Of an economic downturn.

This, my friends,
Is not a good time.

The hemlines of
Our young women rise,
As the waistbands of
Our young men fall.

This, people,
Is not a good time.

I know it,
You know it,
We all know it,
And yet we are reminded
Over and over
By the media.

Through the television,
Via the radio,
In publications,
On the internet.
We are constantly being
Reminded of how
Bad our situation is.

Forcing us to relive this awful moment
Over and over,
Forcing us to wear the
Grey-coloured shades
Of misery.

In this moment,
I say enough.

Enough with reminding us
Of the problems,
The debates of what and where
It went wrong,
Looking for someone to blame,
The political puppet shows.

Let us come together
And find a solution
To move forward,
To escape this place
Inhabited by
Fear, hatred,
Anger and uncertainty.

Let us move forward
To a place where
We all prosper,
Big and small,
Rich and not so rich.

A place where happiness is found
In occupation of mind and spirit,
In success from hard work,
In our connections
With each other.

I believe we all
Possess the God element.

The same thing that
Takes a grain of sand
And creates a pearl.

The same thing that
Creates a diamond
From a lump of coal.

We all possess it.
It can be found
In the smallest atom
And it can be found
In the largest galaxy.
We possess it.

The moment we were conceived
We had this little piece of God,
And as we grew,
We were taught to forget it,
But I ask you,
I beg you to remember
How great you are.

They say the world
Is to end in 2012,
I say let it end,
And from the ashes
We will make a newer one,
A better one,
A greater world.

Forward on,
Backward, never.

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