Friday, August 5, 2011

In This Dream


If I could
Dream the undreamt
Dream, it would be
Of you draped in
The lace spun by
Spiders that kept
Their special work
For themselves,
But found you deserving
Of such wondrous things.

In this dream,
Instead of wrapping themselves,
Silk worms wrap you
In their luxurious strings,
Believing you are
The one who needs
The transformation,
From beautiful
To divine.

In this dream,
Sheep offer their wool
And fox their fur,
But to the latter you say no,
Accepting only their friendship
That would span the ages.
Woman and animal
Wanting nothing but
Love and understanding.

In this dream,
You are whole,
Existing in the eternal circle,
360°. Understanding that
One action begets another
Which begets the original action.

Love and you will be
Loved and in turn you will

Believe and it will
Come to pass,
Making you believe.

In this dream,
I become you,
Being whole.

And in time
The dream will cease
To be a dream,
The dream will become
My reality.

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