Monday, July 25, 2011



I fell into his arms,
I had grown so tired
Of being everything
And feeling like nothing,
And I waited.

I waited for his arms
To encircle me,
Cutting me off from
The rest of the world
And letting me exist in his.

In his world,
I would breathe him in,
I would be warmed by his heat
And I would be soothed by
The beating of his heart.

I waited and
Nothing happened.
I looked up
Into his eyes
And I went cold.

In his eyes, I found
As though I was
Some strange cat
That rubbed against his leg.

He just stood there,
Patiently waiting for me
To realize that
I won’t find affection here,
I didn’t belong here.

When did this happen?
When did I slip away
Form his affection?

Slowly, I eased away,
Slowly, I stepped back,
My eyes locked with his.
With a nod of his head,
He packed his stuff
In a bag, I hadn’t noticed.

Just like that,
He was the center of my world,
Then he was gone,
And all I can think is
“When did I slip away
From his affection?”

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