Thursday, July 14, 2011

Soul Mate

I once found my
Soul mate.

He was about my height
With jet black hair
That flopped down
Over one eye
And his smile
Was the biggest
I ever saw
Making me want to smile too.

I met him years ago
In a class
And we were drawn
To each other.
Two island folk
In the big city,
He was Hawaiian
And I was Caribbean.

Over the short time
We had together
We developed a friendship
That was uniquely ours.
A friendship that had us
Spending evenings watching
Aunty Mame,
Or eating in the cafeteria,
Or talking about his boyfriend.

Oh yes,
My soul mate was gay.
A deliciously, happy gay man
Whose spirit and soul
Was what I needed in my life.

Everyone believes a soul mate
Is relegated to romantic entanglements,
But sometimes a soul mate
Is a good friend
Who makes your world
That much better,
That much brighter.

I didn’t see
How important he was
To me, and we parted
And disappeared from
Each others’ lives.

Of all the people,
I’ve met since,
His memory still shines
The brightest,
He was one of the few people
With whom I was truly me
And for that
I thank him

He was my soul mate.

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