Friday, July 15, 2011



The sun rose
Melting the darkness away
And exposing the world
For all to see.
I dug deeper
Under the covers
Trying to coax
A few more minutes of sleep.

Onyx had other plans,
As he jumped onto the bed
And proceeded to dig me out
Of my comfy grave.

Upon finding my hand,
He started to lick it
With his sandpapery tongue,
Stopping only to mew
In that high pitch tone
That drove me crazy
On a good day.

I tumbled out of bed
And stumbled into the kitchen
Where I tossed cat food
Into Onyx’s dish
And refreshed his water bowl,
All the while wondering
Who was the owner
And who was the pet.

As I was up,
I figured I might as well have breakfast,
I opened the fridge and winced,
Letting out a curse word or two.
I forgot to go to the supermarket,
I ended up with a black coffee
And a nuked muffin from two days ago.

It was still too early
To go out and meet up with Sofie,
So I settled into my lumpy sofa
And caught a rom com
On a movie channel.

Onyx trotted over from the kitchen,
Curled up beside me
And promptly went to sleep.
It was in that moment
I remembered why
I had adopted him.

He was the one thing
That got me up
On the weekends
To enjoy them,
Instead of sleeping them away
And waking up to another week
Of work I hated and questions of
What I was doing with my life.

Onyx kept me sane.

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mikapoka said...

Wow, me too I adopted a stray cat which is now my own treasure: he keeps me sane as you elatedly wrote.
So glad I've stumbled upon your well-wrought weblog. Cheers from Italy!