Monday, May 16, 2011


Dressed in black,
Kissed the baby,
Shook his hand.

Played her games
Like she played the piano
To perfection,
Always perfection.

Smiles at you,
Eyes cold as ice,
Genuine friend for life.

Had it all,
Lost it all,
Sinner no more,
God wants her soul.

God wanted her genuine,
God wanted her pure,
Dress in white
And sin no more.

Don't think
A soul can be got
As easily as it is lost,
A battle ensues
Within this soul.

Devil and Angel fight
There in.
Fight till almost nothing is left.
Loser loses the soul,
Winner rebuilds the soul.

The battle continues,
Six years later.
Gray she wears,
Gray they all wear.
Honestly, do you think
Anyone wears white.

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