Friday, May 13, 2011

He Still Loves Me

Alejandro did not love me,
He loved the softness of my lips
As they kissed each and every
One of his delectable parts.
I broke his heart in a text message.

Nicolyde did not love me,
He love how my skin
Contrasted his,
My dark naked body
Against his pale.
I left a message on his answer machine.

James did not love me,
He loved the roundness of my ass,
The one he liked to slap,
In and out of bed,
And knead like dough
Every chance he got.
I called him during a business meeting.

Guillame love me,
He loved my lips,
He loved my skin,
He loved my ass,
He loved my heart,
He loved my mind,
He loved my spirit.
I looked him in the eye
And told him
I was afraid to love him,
He still loves me.

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