Wednesday, April 20, 2011

That Is So Rich

My Modern Met


She was supposed
To be here an hour ago.

I thought about leaving,
5, 6 or 7 times
In that hour.


It's not as though
I needed her, in fact,
She asked for my help.

My help to get away,
To run away
From her husband,
Her kids,
Her little house with picket fence
In a nice neighbourhood.

That was the problem.

Here was a woman
Who had the perfect life,
The good life and she wanted
To leave it all behind.

I guess some people
Can't help being bad.
She's so good at being bad.

She better be here
By the time I finish this
Cigarette, or I will be
Making the long drive
To Chicago and she'll be
Stuck in Squaresville.

That would be funny, though.

Her punishment for being bad
Is to be surrounded by good.
That is rich.
That is so rich.

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