Monday, April 18, 2011

Fooling Around

Back in the day,
Everybody was fooling around
With everybody.

Janice was fooling around with Paul,
Paul was fooling around with Amanda,
Amanda was fooling around with Joseph
Who swore that
He only fooled around with Angela.
And everybody knew
Angela was only fooling around
With Joseph.
Angela was a good
Christian girl.

As for me,
I was fooling around with Leroy,
And I knew for a fact
That he wasn’t fooling around
With anyone else,
He barely wanted to fool around
With me.

We would be walking in town,
And a beautiful woman
Would be walking our way.
By beautiful,
I mean pretty face,
A body that would
Put a coke bottle to shame
And cute feet.
My man, Leroy,
Would walk right by,
As though he hadn’t seen her.

So here I was.
Thinking I was something
Special, having a man
Who wasn’t fooling around
With Janice, Amanda or Diane.
A man that was content
With just fooling around with me.

That all came to an end
When I found out
That my man, Leroy,
Was fooling around.
He was fooling around with
Peter, Luther, John,
Paul and Pastor Simon.
I felt no way, really,
Because I was fooling around with

Yes sir, back in the day,
Everybody was fooling around
With everybody,
Even those who you thought
Weren’t fooling around with anybody,
They were fooling around with

Well, with the exception of Angela,
She was only fooling around with Joseph,
She was a good Christian girl.

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