Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Truth Was Spoken

I would sit
In the shadow of the grand mango tree,
Listening to the wind
As it rustled the long grass.

I would close my eyes,
And inhale the cool air,
Smelling hints of the freshly cut grass
Of the neighbour's lawn.

With one exhale,
I released my soul,
Letting it explode out of my body
And rocket into the sky.

Up and up, I went,
Passing clouds and birds
And the odd plane
Until I burst through the atmosphere.

The sunlight soaked into my soul
As I extended my wings,
Wings, the colour of rooster feathers,
Black reflecting a hidden green.

It is here,
I find my solace,
Here I find my peace,
Perched on top of the world,
An escapee from my world.

It is here,
I drink in mightly
Truths as old as time,
Truths painted on a large canvas,
A canvas, I spent most my life
Standing too close to.

The truths,
Whispered in my ears
In babies' murmurs and coos,
In the crash of waves,
In the idle laughter of friends.

And as I wrap my wings around me,
Letting gravity pull me home,
I hear the last truth to be told.

"God is within you,
Seek it out,
And it shall guide you
To your destiny,
To your purpose,
To your happiness."

The truth was spoken.

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