Tuesday, February 15, 2011

She Had Settled


She settled,
Like sediment on a river bed.
The urgency to reach the end,
To find the one
Who would make her laugh,
Who would make her cry
If ever he left,
Who would make her whole,
The urgency was gone,
So she settled.

She settled for a man
For whom she cared little.
His only winning quality
Was the fact that he was a man,
So she said yes
To the ring he presented;
She lay there as he made love to her,
She bore his children,
All little versions of him,
The man she settled for.

As time passed,
She found reasons to love the man.
The way he provided for their family,
The way his eyes were always filled with love,
The way he loved their children.

As time passed,
She become accustomed
To the life they lived,
The routines they developed,
The habits they adopted.

And then the day came,
When she met the one
Who made her laugh,
Who made her whole,
But by this time
She was too settled.

She was buried in the sediment
Of her existence.

She had settled.

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