Friday, February 4, 2011


The pain came
On a day
That could be described
As any other day,
But the pain
Changed that description
And did the same
For the subsequent days.

It laid into me
Like ocean waves,
Rising and falling
In it's intensity,
Slowly clawing away at
My sanity,
My clarity,
My attention
Like sand on the shore.

I did everything
I could think of
To cure the cause
Of the pain,
But it all felt
Like relief was
A distant cousin
Who was to come a visiting,
But kept on delaying.

I knew,
That in time,
The pain would be gone,
That it would be
An unpleasant memory
An a well learned lesson.

My world
Became the pain,
And the pain,
My world.

Every experience,
Every encounter
Was coloured by
The pain.

And even though
I bit down on
The sharp retort of disdain,
But I could not lessen
The sharpness in my voice.

My sole purpose
Was to lessen the pain,
To exist with
That lessened pain
Until the day comes
When the pain
Ceases to exist.

God Almighty,
Release me from this

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