Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Older I Get

The older I get,
The more I realize
That life is not
What I thought it was.

As the years pass
I realize that
No, my parents
Didn't have all the answers.
No, the don't know
How to equally divide
An atom to result
In an inconceivable amount of energy
But they were wise
In their own way.

As I grew
To the point
Where I stopped growing,
And I’m suspecting
That I’m shrinking,
I realized that
Half the stuff
I learned in school
Has been long forgotten,
Like how to solve
A differential equation.

As my days,
Filled with adult responsibilities
Tick away,
I question why,
Why, oh, why
Was I in such a hurry
To be an adult.

And the constant pursuit
Of the life giving dollar.

The older I get,
The more I learn
The rules of engagement.
The rules, I must follow,
The rules, I’m free to break.

The older I get,
The more I learn
That all the answers
To all my questions
Are within,
They are just waiting for
Me to ask those questions.

The older I get,
The more I learn
That happiness is a choice
And can not be found
In the latest gadget
But in the simple act
Of loving.

Loving your neighbour,
Loving your family,
Loving your friends,
Loving your haters,
And most important,
Loving yourself.

The older I get,
The more I learn
To love.

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TayRoyalty said...

Great skills and really like how your photos match the poem.