Saturday, January 1, 2011

So Do It

A new year,
A new hope,
A new you
And yet in about,
Say 10 days,
The old you would creep in
And claim residence.

Out goes the promise
Of exercising every day,
Or not calling that guy
Who broke your heart
Not once,
Not twice,
But the amount of times
That you've lost count.

So what makes this new year
What makes you different
From the person you were
In the "old" year?

I wish it was as simple
As wiping yourself away
Like chalk on a black board,
A blank board where you
Could write a new story.

It's never that simple,
Life is never simple,
But the things worth getting
Usually come with struggle.
Things that change you,
Mold you,
Builds your character
Comes with hard work.

So go ahead,
Write your lists,
Make your promises,
But before you throw yourself
Into regimes you never followed
Make a pact with yourself
That you will never give up,
That by the end of this new year
You have accomplished everything
You said you would.

This is for you,
Not him,
Not her,
Not them,
Not your mama,
This is for you.

It's a new year,
It's your year
To do what ever
You want,
So do it.

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