Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Challenge

Last year, my sis gave me a challenge in which I would write poetry to the photography of Sator Arepo, a Spanish photographer. This challenge spanned over a period of 15 weeks and the poems were posted every Wednesday. To read the poems click here

This challenge really stretched me as a poet as I had to create a poem from a photo that could be about something else. To a degree that is what art is about, an artist could have one thing in mind when he creates a piece but someone looking at that same piece and have something else in mind.

Unfortunately, that challenge came to an end and a void was created. I had an idea of something to replace the challenge poems but I just never got it started. Then the other day, my sis asked about those poems, and I told her that I was thinking of doing the challenge again but I haven come across any series of artwork that I wanted to use. She in turn sent me an email with a link to Magnificent Storytelling Illustrations on My Modern Met.

This is the write up on the artwork:
Israeli-born illustrator Tomer Hanuka creates incredibly interesting scenes. His stories are told not just by the expressions on his characters' faces but by the beautiful colors he chooses and the mysterious shadows he casts. His passion for drawing emerged at a young age, when he fell in love with American comic books. He found them "mysterious and majestic, an unreachable light in a faraway land, and more beautiful and exciting than anything around."

His client list includes prestigious newspapers and magazines like Time, The New Yorker, Spin, The New York Times, and Rolling Stone. He has won multiple gold medals from the Society of Illustrators and the Society of Publication designers, and was showcased in Print magazine and American Illustration.

"This is about storytelling; it's creating drama, not unlike a movie director, but frozen in a single moment," Hanuka said.

And here is the artwork:

This challenge will be starting next week Wednesday. It should be interesting what I come up with.

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