Monday, January 24, 2011

I Love This Man

He sat across
The table from me.

Tyrone was on the stage
And had begun to set
The rhythm for the new song.

He loved Tyrone's band
And it was the perfect thing
For the crap day he was having.

It wasn't his birthday
Nor was it Valentines
Or some such event
That would require me
To show that I cared.

I brought him to the little smoky bar
Because a thought
Had blossomed in my mind
And repeated over and over
Like the rhythm Tyrone was keeping.

I love this man,
I love this man,
I love this man.

I loved the way
A smile would creep across his face
When he was up to something.

I loved that he was there
When my world felt
So close to unraveling.

I loved waking up
In his arms,
They would circle around me,
Protecting me from even my dreams.

I loved when we would go to the club,
And he would have no problem
With me dancing with random men,
As he knew
That before the sun
Peeked over the horizon,
He would be the last dance.

I love this man,
I love this man,
I love this man.

Before I knew it,
Tyrone's set was finished
And he looked revived,
Renewed, alive, inspired
And our fingers were intertwined.

He didn't have to say it,
I knew he appreciated
This evening out.
In fact, there were times
When we didn't need words
To say what we really felt.
We had a language all our own.

After packing away his instrument
And tying up some loose ends,
Tyrone joined us at our table
And before long,
The two men were deep in conversation.

Every now and then,
I would throw in my two cents
But I was satisfied
With watching him interact with others,
Exchanging ideas and opinions.
I was so proud of him.

I love this man,
I love this man,
I love this man.

Fatigue made it's presence felt,
And we said our goodbyes
To all we knew.

In an hour,
We were in bed.
Sleepily talking about things
I would forget by morning,
But it was the last thing
He whispered as sleep won the battle.

I love this woman,
I love you, woman,
I love you.

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