Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Found It Hard


I found it hard
To let go,
Pulling back the vines
Of my conscious
That curl around
The idea of you.

I found it hard
Not to pick up the phone
And dial the number
That is as familiar
To me as my own.

I found it hard
To not sit and remember
The good times we shared
Or what I believed
To be good times.

I found it hard
Not to remember
Your voice,
Your smile,
Your touch,
Your taste.

I found it hard
But not impossible
As I knew it was time
To let go,
To move on.

Hours will fade into days,
And days will melt into weeks,
Then weeks to months,
Then years
And by then, you will be
A Whisper of a memory.

So right now,
I will struggle
To forget you,
But I promise you,
It is a struggle
I will overcome.

You have already begun
To fade.

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