Wednesday, November 3, 2010


My Modern Met

I never thought
I would say that word.
It would be a word
That would represent
A temporary state,
Always holding the promise
Of another meeting.

I took this day
To escape from my death,
The ending of my life.
Just before my body
Ceased to listen to my commands,
Just before I become dependent
On others for even
The most basic of things,
I took my bike
And rode away.

I rode to the fields
Beyond the city limits
Filled with wild flowers
That scented the air
Leaving me heady.
I pick a few
Till my basket said
No more
Letting some spill on the ground.

I rode to the seaside,
And looked out
To the horizon.
The sea was a reflection
Of the overcast sky.
I didn’t care.
There is something heavenly
About the sunlight breaking
Through the clouds.

Somehow the sight
Made me feel safe,
Ready, even for when
I take my last breath.

I no longer hope for cures
Or treatments that will
Make me live a little bit longer.
Today, I got the chance
To say Goodbye
To the world
That mesmerized me,
That accommodated me,
That I loved.

Not a tear will fall,
Not a sob will escape my lips.

This is my last poem inspired by Sator Arepo's photography. I hope you liked them and if you want to read them again just click on the Sator Arepo tag in the tag clout to the right. So what replace my Wednesday Sator Arepo poems? Well, I'm thinking of posting videos of my reading or reciting some of my poetry. I have to figure out how I'm going to do that. It should be interesting.

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