Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wadadli Pen & Father's Day

The two poems in the previous posts were written for the topic, The Father I Wished I Had. It was the Topic for the last Wadadli Pen Open Mic. It was my second time taking part in this particular open mic. For more info on Wadadli Pen Open Mic and everything concerning Wadadli Pen, click here.

I pretty much put those poems up because it introduces you to Wadadli Pen as well as the fact that this Sunday coming up is Father's Day. With that said the poems over the following days leading up to Father's Day will be a bit more positive.

It hadn't dawned on me how fortunate I was to have a live in father until I heard the topic and listened to the poems that came from the topic. It's not in my place to gloat about that, but to rejoice that I was given a chance to have my dad in my life. The other day, I fell out of a perfectly good plane 10,000 feet off the ground, of course tandem, and it reminds me of family. No matter how crazy and maddening life is there will always be someone who has your back. Also whenever you try anything crazy, there will always be someone to be your parachute.

Just a couple thoughts.


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