Wednesday, June 16, 2010

He Ain't My Daddy

"He ain't my daddy!!"
"He ain't my daddy!!"
A soft chant rose
From under the sheets
Which hid a precious treasure.

Said treasure,
A little worn
But a diamond
Doesn't come out
Of the ground shiny
And ready to be set in a ring.

This treasure
Has felt the pressure
Of a fist against flesh,
Just like a piece of coal
Feels the pressure of the earth
Against it's sides.

This treasure
Has been hit,
And after all of that,
She would curl up
In her bed and chant
"He ain't my daddy!"
"He ain't my daddy!"

Her real daddy

Would never touch he
With aggressive hands,
Instead he would
Embrace her
With a mixture
Of love and pride.

Her real daddy
Would move mountains
To protect her,
To help her reach
Beyond the heights
He himself had reached.

One day,
she promised herself,
She would find her
Real daddy
And he will treat
Her like the treasure
She was.

But tonight,
As Pearl lay under
The covers,
She chants
"He ain't my daddy!"
"He ain't my daddy!"

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