Monday, June 21, 2010

My Flavour

"I love the way
You taste."
He says this
As though tasting me
Was like tasting
A mango,
A sapodilla,
An exotic fruit
Yet discovered
To his European palate.

I never would
Have compared myself
To a familiar fruit
Anyway. I see myself
Too unique to
Remind my lovers
Of a strawberry,
A cherry,
An apple
Or even a watermelon.

Some thought
I would taste
Like chocolate,
As my skin
Would give them
That impression.
But I haven't
Got any complaints
Of disappointment.
My flavour suits
Them just fine.

The world is full
Of flavours.
Some are unquestionably
Some require a
Trained palate.
Mine is quite divine,
Or so I'm told,
Would you like a taste?
I promise,
You won't be disappointed.

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