Saturday, June 19, 2010

Daddy's Little Girl

Daddy bought me
A new dress
Saying this tomboy
Will always be his princess.
I told Momma
That it was a hand me down
From Cousin Sandra.

Daddy took me
To Disney World,
Making me ride
Every ride that caught
My fancy.
We ate till our stomachs
Ached and our eyes
Threatened to close.
I told Momma
That it was a school trip
And I was getting a ride
With a classmate.

Daddy would listen
To my problems,
Especially the boy problems.
I would call him
Every other night,
Sometimes for help
With school work,
Sometimes just to hear
The voice of my Daddy.
Momma thought
I was talking
To Julie, Sam or Luke,
All made up classmates.

Once every six months,
Daddy would come to the apartment.
He would ask Momma
To let him spend time with me.
Every time he asked,
Momma would rant and rave
About how he left her
To raise me.
About him going off to college
And she having to find a job
And how he had
No right to see me.

One day, I asked him
Why he came to the apartment.
He said that he didn’t
Like that I had to lie
To my mother to see him.

I continue to lie
To Momma.
In a couple years
I will be eighteen
And it will no longer
Be Momma’s decision
To make if I saw Daddy.

I love Momma,
I love all that she has
Done to give me
The life I now live,
But it will never stop
The fact that
I am Daddy’s little girl.

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