Friday, May 14, 2010

What I Want

I don't want
To wake up,
I would rather
Curl up
Under my covers
And drift
Into another world.

I don't want
To go outside,
Just remain
And create
A world
Filled with
Fairylights and chocolate,

Most times
I have to
Pull myself
Out of bed
And scrub
Dreams and cobwebs
Off my skin.

Most times
I have to
Face the brutal world
With demanding
Phone calls
And stress filled hours.

Most times
I don't get
What I want.

1 comment:

CaliSunshine said...

that is possibly one of the most beautiful poems i have ever read. You are so far beyond "good" I almost cannot bear to stand it. A woman I knew battled cancer till the very end of her. Cancer had won, but she remained strong and asked that her life after death was to be a celebrated occaision. Please, continue with your writing.