Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Seven Days

Give me seven days,
He smiled,
His eyes twinkled
Like the stars above
With an energy
She knew too well.

Can you perform
A miracle in such
A short time?
Her smile was nervous,
Tinged with a hope
That was ambrosia
To him.

I can do it
In less time,
His confidence never
Wavered, a steady
Candle flame, even in
A sand storm.

Then seven days
It is, she smiled
On the outside
And prayed on
The inside.
She wanted him
To succeed.

One then Two,
Two then Three,
Three then Four,
Four then Five,
Five then Six,
Six then Seven,
Seven then...

At the end of
The seventh day,
As the sun became
One with the sea,
As the moon bloated
And sickly watched
Over her, he came forth.

Did you worry?
He searched her face.

Her eyes flutter shut.

Did you pray for me,
He tipped her chin up,
Urging her to look at him.

She could never lie to him.

Did you believe in me?
His lips brushed hers.

She met his gaze
And in his eyes,
She saw that the
Miracle had come to pass.

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Buddah Moskowitz said...

Beautiful - I love the drama of this.