Thursday, January 14, 2016

Not Ever

Whisper softly to me,
Speak words that you
Would never say to
Anyone but me.

Tell me that
You want me, that
You need me, that
You love me.

Why is your
Tongue still?
Why are your words
Trapped in that mind,
Prisoners of some
Malady I know
Nothing about.

Why don't you
Speak truth to me
For your actions
Speak them so

Alas, your mind
And body oppose
Each other and
You trust the mind
But I trust the body.

Then go!
Yes, go!
I shall not stand
For such indecision,
It is either you love me
Or you don't.

Speak plainly, man,
I know those lips,
I know that tongue
Can construct

And so we have it,
You love me, but you
Also love someone else.
The decision was never yours
It appears. It is mine
And my decision is for
You to leave.

Don't look at me with
Sad eyes. Put your tail
Between your legs and

I am not one
To share my toys,
Not now,
Not ever.

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