Friday, November 13, 2015

Strands of Hair

The strands of hair
Curl and coil
This way and that,
Refusing to stay
Straight, to fall
Luxuriously down
One's back.

The strands of hair
Stand out in a
Tangled mess as
Fairies go about
The business of knotting
A few out of idleness
Or vindictiveness.
Either case, thy leave
Behind knots.

The strands of hair
Never heard of gravity
But soon discover
Whey they are braided
Together and soon
They are aware of
The Law.

The strands of hair
Are rebels and misfits,
Hated and loved,
They are my own
And are me, the hair,
They come together
To make my crown.

Image Credit: Dope Black Art

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