Monday, November 9, 2015

Samuel and Jessie

Samuel and Jessie
Lived at the end
Of the block.

He had a shock
Of black hair
That seemed to rule
Him more than he
Ruled it.

He would walk
The dog, always
Waving at a neighbour
Or speaking at length
With one or another.

He would be seen
Every morning navigating
His beat up Toyota
On the way to work.

We never say her,
He physical description
Fading like an old
Photograph, making
Her features soft and
Blurry to our mind's eye.

I think she used
To garden, her small
Figure kneeling down
As she planted, pruned
And tended flowers
That were now neglected.

One day,
A woman came to the
Door, asking if
We had seen
Her sister, Jessie.

Then a police officer
Holding up a picture
Of a woman who
Looked like the
Jessie who lived
At the end of the block.

They eventually found her,
Jessie's remains were
Found buried in the
Basement. Samuel
Was carted away in
A squad car, wrist
Bound, eyes haunting.

Samuel and Jessie
Lived at the end
Of the block.

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Buddah Moskowitz said...

Wow, unexpectedly creepy. Great poem.