Friday, September 4, 2015


We are all dying.
The thought lit up
Different parts of
My brain.

From the reptile
To the intellect,
All on fire to
React and analyze
The notion,
The inevitable,
The reality?

The reptile, in its
Primal thinking,
Focused on survival
Even if it meant
My creating another
Being to move forward
My genetic code
To a future time frame.

The intellect, in its
Analytical thinking,
Questioned if we
Truly died but,
In fact, converted
To another state of
Being, cutting away
The superficial ties
Of our current being.

As my reptile
And intellectual minds
Whirred on like
Vintage computers
But with a 22nd
Century processing speed,
A new thought arose.

We are all living.

And as quickly as
My mind latched onto
The prior concept,
It disposed of it and
Began the whole process
Again on the new thought.

And yet that is all
They were, thoughts.

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