Friday, August 21, 2015

Shadow and Light

Let the flowers fall,
Let them fall upon
The ground and be
Stumped upon.

The woman in white
Approaches, her stride
Measured as she grips
The arm of the man
Beside her.

One would think she
Walks to the somber
Melody of a funeral song,
And not the melody
Of the wedding march.

Her eyes flicker under the
Net of the veil, this
Way and that 'til
They settle upon me.

Sadness is consumed
In a ranging inferno
Of lust and desire.
Sweet princess.

I was asked to come,
To witness this spectacle.
Now I wonder if
I am the spectacle
As hushed tones soaked
Through the music.

I watch, from the pews,
The rites of marriage,
The black box,
Heavy in my pocket,
The ring inside shines
Bright, almost fooling one
That it is on fire.

With the heralding of
The union, Man and
Wife, I slip into
The shadows of their
New existence.

I make my way to
My car before
The church emits
The happy crowd.

Sitting in the quiet
Of the car, I call her,
Not her in white, but
Her on the other side
Of town.

I am coming over,
I am going to ask
A question and
Her answer may be
The one thing that
Would pull me from
The shadows and
Deliver me into the

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Blogoratti said...

Reads like a perfect song, a brilliant piece indeed, well done!