Monday, August 24, 2015


The four walls
Looked back at her.
The whiteness of them
Almost blinding
Even under the
Fluorescent light.

She wasn't mad,
She told herself
As she tested
The straitjacket
For the tenth,
More like the
Fifth, time.

She would have
Screamed, she
Would have wept,
But she had
Done both and
Was ignored.

Looking up at
The shadowy mirror,
She knew they were
Behind it, watching
Her, trying to justify
That she was mentally

She wasn't and
Behind the mirror
No one stood,
No one was

The only door into
The room swung open,
She twisted around to
See who the visitor
Was and upon seeing
Who it was she

He knew she was
Not crazy. Stooping
Down, he undid the
Fastenings of the
Straitjacket, freeing her,
Embracing her.

Then with one deft move,
He broke her neck
And released her, letting
Her fall like an old
Rag doll.

She was sane,
But they locked
Her away, and
He was insane
And they refused
To see it. And
Now they were all

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Blogoratti said...

Solid piece I must say, dark and filled with mysteries.