Monday, August 31, 2015


Hair falling over
Watchful eyes,
Waiting patiently
For a deat dealer.

One never came,
Their cool shadow
Never entered the
Square and as he
Got to his feet
He wondered
If that was for
The best.

He was not one
To confront one
But his future
Depended on him
Doing so.

As he entered
A side street,
He saw one, moving
Ever so slowly, as
Though he had
No where to be,
Nothing to do.

With much haste,
He ran up to it,
Extracting a hunting
Knife from its sheath.

Before the death dealer
Knew what happened,
He had buried
The knife in its back
Exactly where
They told him to.

Slowly, the deat dealer
Turned around,
Its eyes lacked
The norma emotions
Associated with being
Attacked, anger, fear.

Instead its eyes
Held pity, then
Relief. A smile
Crept across
Its face as
It became a
Corpse long dead.

It wasn't long
Before it became
Ashes at his feet.

In killing
The death dealer
He became one.

With it came
Immortality, that
Is until one day
When a jaded soul
Comes to take it
All away from him,
When he is more
Than jaded.

1 comment:

kaykuala said...

Comes to take it
All away from him,
When he is more
Than jaded.

Everything will only end with its demise when it is more than just jaded! Great lines Kimolisa!