Wednesday, August 12, 2015


It held my by the throat.

Its claws gently scratching
My jugular. It wanted
Me to know how close
I was to death.

It could end my life
And I could do
Nothing about it.

As I waited
For certain death,
I wondered about
What brought me
To this time and place,
What had me counting
Down my last
Heart beats.

I escaped Earth
On a ship destined
To anywhere but Earth.

I crossed a warlord
Who was smarter than
She looked. Trust me,
A small head doesn't
Mean a creature
Is stupid.

I escaped again
But I was traveling
To the dark side.
No one goes to the
Dark side so no one
Would follow me there.

There is a reason
No one travels
To the dark side,
And it is holding
Me by the throat.

Forty heart beats
Too long, it's time
I escape this World.
I've always been good
At escaping.

1 comment:

Blogoratti said...

I enjoyed this, dark, vivid, with a certain rawness that lingers. Well done!