Wednesday, July 29, 2015


It's over,
The fine threads
That bound us
To each other
Were slashed by
The razor edge
Of betrayl.

I trusted you
You trusted me
But that all
Was lost when
I broke your

I said I was
I said I would
Never do it again,
But your eyes told
Me that you didn't
Believe me.

I love you,
You only,
You always,
You and yet
That is not enough.

The world seems
Cold without you,
Since you left,
A chill crept
Beneath my skin
Sending my flesh
To shiver.
I crave your

I am sorry.
I need you.
Forgive me.

It's too late,
You've moved on,
I still hold on
To the scrap of
Hope, but in my
Heart I know
It's over.

Image Credit: Imageback


Blogoratti said...

I enjoyed reading that, very lovely.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

The harder it is to gain someone's trust.. the easier it is to lose it.
Beautifully penned!

Lots of love,